I love cupcakes. I think they are pretty and dainty. I prefer them to be flavored with essence of strawberry. So today, on Cupcake Day. I am going to Sprinkles on my way home. I was going to go on my birthday, but Sean met me at my office and walked home with me and I totally forgot.

I’m hoping for the most beautiful cupcake I’ve ever seen. Well, sad news. I can’t get a strawberry flavored one today. Apparently they don’t make strawberry on Thursday. But this is what they do make! I’ve got options! I’m thinking raspberry or banana or whichever one looks the coolest.

I had really lofty hopes of making cupcakes. But I would be the only one eating them, and I’ll be the first one to tell you that 1 dozen cupcakes is the last thing my thighs/entire body need. That’s my current plan of action for Cupcake Day. I’ll hopefully have a sweet picture to add after work.


A little irked about the no strawberry on Thursday policy….

PS: This was a delicious adventure.


I want to learn to make iciing behave like that.


It was the most fantastic cupcake.

Cupcake Day was quite the success. I also got a lemon one. It’s still sitting nicely in it’s box.

AND on my way home from work and Sprinkles, I saw Jesse Jackson. He was having an early dinner at Tavern on Rush. We made eye contact. Highlight of my day? Nope. What was my highlight? My boss calling me ‘eaglet’. Tim rules.


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