(\__/) (=’.’=) (“)_(“)

Well that makes a rabbit when you use three lines, but the title line can only be one. It should look like this…


Why the rabbit, you ask? It’s Punctuation Day! I don’t know if you are aware but that bunny is entirely crafted out of punctuation. Now is the part of the blog where I show you how to make really cool stuff with punctuation. And by really cool stuff I mean hilarious emoticons that some 14 year old girl with too much time on her hands came up with.

*<<<<+ Christmas Tree

(_8^(|) Homer Simpson

@(*0*)@ Koala

@@@@:-) Marge Simpson

[:] Robot

*<|:-) Santa Claus

-(:)(0)=8 Teletubby

[:-) Wearing a Walkman

/8^{~ Sunglasses, Mustache, Goatee

@};— Rose

: -){ Beard

Now let’s discuss. The Christmas tree a little lackluster if you ask me. That plus sign tree stump? Really should have gone with an equal sign. I don’t watch The Simpson’s, but Marge and Homer were the best emoticon representations on the list. The koala was cute. I like koalas. They seem like the most snuggly bear of all.

The robot reminded me of the box of shame from Despicable Me.

Told ya.

Santa looks like the Jack in the Box guy, which sort of creeped me out. That guy is weird and Santa isn’t weird. Santa is great.

I included Teletubby only because it bothered me that someone had enough time on their hands to say, “Hey, I really need an emoticon that looks exactly like a Teletubby!” Fun fact the names of the Teletubbies are as follows: Tinky Winky, La La, Dipsy, Po. Why I know that is beyond me. I have a wealth of useless knowledge inside this brain.

Walkman man. Cool enough I suppose. At least he’s got his beats.

Sunglasses, mustache, goatee. One too many accessories big guy.

Rose. Eh, how romantic? I encourage you all to text your loved ones an emoticon rose. I’m sure they will fall in love with you immediately.

Beard. You know why I included this. I’m going to start including this in my text messages as my text signature. Text signatures are so classy. SO classy.


: -){


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  1. Punctuating before it was cool...

    … {

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