Kiss and Make Up

Not this kind of Kiss or make-up.

Kiss. Make up. You get it don't you?

On this day of kissing and making up, not out… don’t get any ideas, I bring you the top 5, in my blogging opinion, romance reconciliations. These aren’t in any order. It’s just a list.

1. Dawson’s Creek: When Pacey buys Joey the wall.

If you loved Dawson’s Creek like I loved Dawson’s Creek, you would understand the implications of The Wall. It was the ultimate gesture. It was the ultimate ‘You Suck Dawson and I’m Stealing Your Woman’ move. No gift ever given will be better than The Wall. Especially because Pacey didn’t give The Wall to Joey because he wanted to win her, he gave it to her because he knew it would make her happy, and it did for the record. They end up eventually falling in love, after a thousand other scenes that could have made this list.

2. You’ve Got Mail: Don’t Cry Shopgirl

We’ve all seen You’ve Got Mail, and we all love it. If you don’t love it, you can leave. But that final scene in the park when his dog runs up and the tears and the kissing. It’s the best. Tom Hanks has been so sneaky the whole movie and Meg has been sad about her store and emotional. He wipes those tears and says, “Don’t cry Shopgirl. Don’t cry.” A FANTASTIC relationship reconciliation.

3. The Princess Bride: As You Wish

The volume is spotty, but worth it. This is directly after they hurl themselves down the hill. Wesley has been away for years, Buttercup is promised to an ass. Welsey returns, saves Buttercup from the Spaniard, the giant and the bald man. She doesn’t know it’s him. He uses the code words, “As you wish.” And then they love each other again. It’s fantastic. That terrifying head first tumble down the hill to follow your true love. I swoon. Consider that romance reconciled.

4. One Fine Day: The Final Scene

I can’t find the trailer. You should just watch the whole thing. It’s on Netflix.

All day long George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer hate each other. However, the last scene he comes over to her house and they finally, after one fine day, kiss. It’s precious. Especially because she wants to freshen up and he ends up falling asleep while she gets pretty. She snuggles up next to him and falls asleep with him. They are in love and all the terrible things that happened that day are forgotten. The reason this made the list is because I secretly, or not so secretly now, do that still. And I think that we all still do that. We all still get nervous when that boy we like comes over. We all make sure we look perfect, or as close as we can get after an entire day of work/school. We put on lip gloss, but not enough to interfere with a hello kiss. That’s what this scene made it on the reconciled love list. It just makes me so incredibly happy.

5. Friends: Ross and Rachel, The Last Episode

After 10 years of turmoil, we finally FINALLY see Ross and Rachel get together for good. We don’t have to worry about Ross marrying someone else. We don’t have to worry Rachel flaking out again. It’s the most romantic gesture. Ross chases her to the airport. Begs her not to go to Paris. She gets off the plane. Oh my lanta, it’s everyone’s favorite TV show couple finally figuring it out and finally figuring it out is the greatest. Believe me.

These 5 have kissed and made up… and probably out if we get real serious. I hope, that if need be you would buy someone a wall, confess that you are someone’s online lover, fall head first down a hill, fall asleep on the couch together or chase someone to the airport in order to show someone that they are the one.

Sometimes they just need to know.


Proud of that list.


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