Just Because

It’s Just Because Day and I did things just because today. First of all my celebration was acting 50 years old, just because. My day consisted of brunch, errands, a nap, making dinner and I’m getting ready to go to my most favorite place in all of Chicago.

Sean and I went to Bongo Room for brunch, just because it was Saturday and we could. And we had to meet Stan and Derrick.

We went to the Crate and Barrel Outlet. I needed coffee mugs and a few pint glasses. I bought a fancy mason jar. It’s for my milk and now my milk is fancy, just because. I highly suggest it. It makes me feel like I’m living in the 50s and have a milk man. Except it’s not the 50s and I’m the milk man.

I bought an apron, just because I needed one. It’s pretty and vintage and blue and lovely. I look like a 1950s kitchen advertisement when I wear it. I really need to be photographed wearing that apron and pouring milk out of my new fancy jar.

I took a really great nap, just because I could and also because I love naps.

I feel like I had the most adult day ever. Brunch, aprons, dishes, dinner making. I played house today. It was fun. And I got to do it just because. Just because it was Saturday and just because I could. I love days like today.


A fancy grown up, just because.


Hahaha, darling, of course I'll make the casserole for the church get together.

John and Katherine are always getting into the brownies.


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