Low Sodium, High Awesome

First things first, I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars. However, I have for some reason accidentally caught the cast reveal for Dancing with the Stars for the past THREE years. I have not one time meant to watch it, but somehow I always see it.

It’s More Herbs, Less Salt Day (why I choose these days is beyond me. But celebrate I did. I have to start this day with a story, go figure. Last year at OU my dear sweet friend Jordan and I would go over to our friends Brett, Brian and Kurt’s house for dinner. They would make teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple on top and Kurt would always make the greatest pasta salad of all time.

I love this pasta salad. So last week I asked him what secret concoction it was so that I could craft it here in Chicago. Turns out its just from a box and I found it at the Jewel down the street. I was thrilled. I made it last night. I ate it for dinner tonight. It’s very tangy and very fantastic. I added lemon juice, because I add lemon juice or lime juice to almost everything I eat. It’s my salt. Anyway, it was full of spiced/herbal goodness.

AND last night I made a large thing of chicken salad. It has and astronomical amount of dill. Mainly because I love dill with my whole heart. It also has cucumbers and grapes. It was fantastic. I had it for lunch today with Wheat Thins. I feel like it’s going to become a staple in my fridge. I also bought cilantro yesterday at the store. Cilantro is my favorite herb.

But I heard that some people have a strange aversion to cilantro. Are you this person? I need to know, what if I invited you to a cilantro dinner at my house and you hated it.


Planning a cilantro dinner party.



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3 responses to “Low Sodium, High Awesome

  1. Everything is better with dill. That is my summer motto. Yay for herbs (which I always pronounce with the ‘h’ in my head)!

  2. Kryn

    You were on P.W today, you are famous!

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