Frank N. Stein

How hilarious would it be if you knew a guy named Frank N. Stein? It would be the most hilarious! There is a website that you can type your name into and it will tell you how many people in the U.S. have your name. In case you were wondering, there’s only 8 Kate Beards. Naturally, I had to check for Frank Stein.

At least one of them has the middle initial 'N'.

I have never read the original Frankenstein; however, I watched a two hour documentary about it once. Mary Shelley was a crazy person. She was all dark and twisty and not in the endearing Meredith way on Grey’s Anatomy. I mean clearly not in the endearing way. Stories about rebuilt bodies aren’t usually endearing.

Anyway, I’m celebrating today by telling you about what I want to be for Halloween this year. Frankenstein is usually present on Halloween, so I figured this was fitting. The theme of our Halloween this year is 80s music videos. Which means I need the greatest 80s music video outfit. George Michael is making an appearance, maybe more than one. So I have to look awesome.

I’m thinking Madonna. Because she screams 80s and I can wear lace and look awesome. But I secretly want to go as one of the guys from Dexy’s Midnight Runners in the video Come on Eileen. They wear overalls with belts. It’s very fashion forward.

So please please please give me your 80s suggestions. I want this costume to be amazing. I want to win potential contests I might enter. I want to look awesome.

Other Halloween ideas I have/are what I’m going to be in the years to come include, Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty, Sloan and Ferris and Cameron. Feel free to add any other future suggestions as well.


Come on Eileen might be in my Top 10 favorite songs.


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