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Pumpkin Day.

Listen. My number one fan is here. So…bye.


Tourist Time.

Ps: I had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie today in honor of Pumpkin Day. Just cause my number one fan is here doesn’t mean I’m not going to celebrate.

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The Elixer of Life

Coffee drives this country and perhaps the world. After being in a corporate setting for the last two months almost exactly, I have realized how much people rely on coffee to get them through the day.

Here’s the problem for Coffee Day, I like tea. So whenever people drink coffee I drink tea. Like today for example, I had two cups of ginger peach tea. Brand: Republic of Tea. My most favorite of all the teas. I have a sneaking suspicion that my teeth are going to get stained from drinking all this tea. Good thing I know a guy.

I have a really great coffee story. One time when I was flying home from summer camp, my friend and I ordered coffee from Starbucks in Russian accents. You try and say Carmel Macchiato in a Russian accent, it’s hilarious.

Sometimes I desperately want coffee. Not often, but occasionally. For the most part I just want a delicious cup of interesting tea. So if you aren’t a big lover of coffee, feel free to join me on the leafy side. It’s very nice.

Sorry this is so short and so alternatively celebrated, but Band of Brothers just entered my life and you know how I feel about Donnie Wahlberg.


Band of Brothers has the right stuff.

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Good Neighbors

Here’s the thing. I live in an apartment building in a large city. I’m not entirely sure how thrilled my neighbors are about having neighbors. With that being said, I wasn’t ultra thrilled about baking everyone a cake and having the most curious conversation at their door. And then my cake would sit in their kitchen and their friends would ask about it and they would have to say that the new girl in 1505 made.

And I don’t want my cake to have that kind of pressure! I don’t want to be secretly discussed by the 7 other apartments on my floor! I have met most of the them and they are all nice. There isn’t a crazy Joe Divola, which is good.

So in honor of Good Neighbor Day, I will share with you some Good Neighbor Stuff. What’s Good Neighbor Stuff you ask? Prepare to have your mind blown.

Welcome to Good Neighbor Stuff.

Kolby Bryant, slam dunk giant.

Do you want to get some burgers?

These guys are called Good Neighbor Stuff. They do stand up and have tons of videos online, they sort of remind me of The Lonely Island with less production value. I suggest watching a few more and familiarizing yourself with some Good Neighbor Stuff.

Last Spring I went to LA for Spring Break. I went to see my sweet friend Melissa. She loves Good Neighbor Stuff as much as I do. Well, she bought tickets to Upright Citizens Brigade, which is awesome by its self, but Good Neighbor Stuff was performing that night too!! It was amazingly fantastic. I was so thrilled to see them perform live. It was a great LA adventure.

They are my favorite neighbors of all. So that’s that. Happy Good Neighbor Day.


Doing it for the Lakers.

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I like being a tourist. I also like tourists, mostly. They are always thrilled to be wherever they are, which in my case is my city. Chicago has lots of tourist things, which I’m actually going to be partaking in to the fullest this weekend. Because this human is coming!!

We are cool.

And we have lots and lots of fun things planned. But today I had to celebrate. I figured since I haven’t lived here very long, I’m practically a tourist still anyway. (How long do you live a place before you aren’t a visitor/tourist?) On my way home from work, I stopped at Portillo’s to purchase the most Chicago type food. A hotdog of course!

Now here’s the thing, a Chicago style hotdog is full of not so typical hotdog things. For example, an entire pickle spear, two giant tomatoes and whole peppers. Here’s a diagram, notice how ketchup isn’t included. They are very adamant about the exclusion of ketchup.

What was the Chicago style hotdog's favorite Spice Girl? Sporty Spice. Haha.

So, my sport pepper joke was not funny at all. Moving on. I was sort of concerned with all of those ingredients. But I ate it like a champ. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. Although, sport peppers aren’t my favorite and I only ate half of one.

But it was the most touristy thing I could do on my way home. And, it was only $2.35, which seems like a steal considering I could make an entire salad of all the things on top of that hotdog. I highly suggest trying one. I’ll probably make Chelsie try one.

So there’s that, World Tourism Day officially celebrated.


What is the difference between regular relish and green relish?

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Fill in the Blank

Considering that I looked high and low for a viable holiday and could find literally nothing, I decided to improvise and celebrate what I deemed a holiday. I cleaned out the vacuum and henceforth September 26th will be known as Do Something Awful Day.

So here’s how this all began. Since moving to Chicago I have needed a rug. I searched the internet through and finally found a beautiful yellow and cream rug that would match so perfectly with my apartment. I order it. It gets here. I open it. It’s blue and green. I wrap it up. I send it back. I’m rugless yet again. I search again and finally found a gray and black rug that I love.

It gets here. I open it. It’s gray and black (success!). However, it came with a serious issue. It sheds like an annoying dog and I don’t like dogs. So my vacuum was at Sean’s because he has carpet and I have wood floors and I Swifer incessantly and use run on sentences.

So this weekend I went to fetch my vacuum. And tonight, I solved the rug problem. It’s much much prettier now. There isn’t fuzz stuck to my feet and every other item in my apartment now.

However, I was unaware that the vacuum was so painfully full of stuff. I had to clean it out in order for it to continue to clean my floors. I honestly didn’t know that that much dust could live at one time on a floor and now in a vacuum. It looked like all the dust that was on the Earth ever.

It was terrifying. Dust clouds happened. I sneezed. It got on my floor. And then I vacuumed the rug. TWO VACUUM CANISTERS WORTH. I have a feeling that this is going to be a fairly regular existence in my life. I’m afraid that one day my rug will disappear due to being vacuumed completely up.

However, I will say that dealing with something dirty that is dry is MUCH less painful than dealing with something dirty that is wet, like shower drains or something. Good mental image, huh?

So there’s that. Pretty gross. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with any other horribly nasty things in the future.


I developed allergies tonight I think.

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One Hit

I love one hit wonders. It might be due to the fact that they are so fantastic and mysterious or it my be the fact that everyone knows all the words and can always sing along. It’s One Hit Wonder Day and I’m giving you a fantastic top ten list. (I’ve been in a top ten mood recently). So here it is my top ten list.

1. Come On Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners 

I have a love affair with this song. My mother introduced me to it as a child. I seriously want to dress up as a Midnight Runner from the music video.

I need overalls.

2. Tainted Love- Soft Cell 

The intro beat is what makes this song so great. Also, it had a central role in my 8th grade talent show. I honestly didn’t even know who sang this song until I looked it up. I seriously think Soft Cell only wrote one song. At their concerts they just sing Tainted Love over and over again.

3. It takes Two- Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

I wanna rock right now. I’m Rob Base and I came to get down. I’m not internationally known, but I’m known to rock a microphone. BOOM. Enough said. And that’s why they are number 3.

4. Mambo #5- Lou Bega 

First of all, I had Lou Bega’s album. I know he had other songs. I didn’t listen to them, but I know he had them. As a 5th grader, I wasn’t exactly familiar with gin or juice, but I knew a girl named Erica? If you had one of the names of a girl from Mambo #5, everyone at the skating rink thought you ruled, BECAUSE YOU DID!

5. 867-5309- Tommy Tutone 

I feel sorry for the people in every area code that have the number 867-5309, sort of. However, telling someone what you number is would be the greatest! Hey, can I get your number? Totally, let me break into song…..

6. Baby Got Back- Sir Mix A Lot 

Nothing is funnier than talking about a girls butt via song. Have you ever wondered who those girls at the beginning of the song are? Becky and her other friend? And why they were checking out some girl’s butt? Sir Mix A Lot wrote this song, retired and now is on every VH1 commentary show. I’d say he made it.

7. Rapper’s Delight- The Sugarhill Gang 

This is a shame. Sugarhill Gang should have gotten their crap together and made other sweet songs. I love Rapper’s Delight. In my dreams I know all the words. In reality I know about 64% of the words.

8. Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

First of all, he stole this beat. Under Pressure is the real song, but that’s beside the point. Vanilla Ice is a lyrical genius. Seriously, don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. “I’m cooking MC’s like a pound of bacon, burning them if you ain’t quick and nimble.” Bacon reference=the reason you are number eight on my list.

9. Rock me Amadeus- Falco 

That video is probably why Falco didn’t make it big. It’s just a little to insane. Insane in the membrane! (Wrong song…sorry).

10. We’re Not Going To Take It- Twisted Sister

I fell like Twister Sister and Meatloaf should get together and talk about what they aren’t going to take and what they won’t do for love. I feel like they would have a lot to talk about.

You are welcome for making your new greatest playlist ever.


Now what you hear is not a test- I’m blogging to the beat.

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It’s Bluebird Day of Happiness. I want to tell you about the things that made me happy  today. I’m not entirely sure why today has to be about bluebirds and and can’t just be about regular happiness. But, I’ll just pretend that bluebirds have sponsored this holiday.

So here’s my list.

1. The Sooners won.

2. I jerseyed up again.

3. I slept an outrageous amount of hours.

4. I know that tomorrow I’m going to get my vacuum from Sean’s so I can finally vacuum this new rug I got that is shedding EVERYWHERE.

5. It was the most perfect fall day.

6. I got to see two of my friends from high school.

7. I am getting ready to watch more LOST.

8. I have all of you and that makes me happy.

9. Arkansas lost.

10. The new season of SNL started.

11. Alec Baldwin.

12. The fact that Chelsie is coming to visit me in 6 sleeps.

13. Finding out about a bar called Beauty Bar where you can get a martini and a manicure for $10.

14. Watching the Bridesmaids special features.

15. The police officer singing Oklahoma! to me as I was walking to Declan’s to watch the game.

16. Being able to walk to the OU bar in Chicago.

I love a good list. And that was a good one.


This message has been brought to you by bluebirds.

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