It’s that time of year.

Today didn’t have a listed holiday and when I don’t have a listed holiday I ask Chelsie to find me one. And find me one she did! It’s Wine Season! Apparently today kicked off wine season. Which is thrilling because I’ve been (unbeknown to me) illegally hunting wine for a while now.

I even have four bottles mounted up above my cabinets in my kitchen. It’s been a good season thus far, illegal apparently, but still good.

I have in my fridge currently half a bottle of La Crema and an unopened bottle of Estancia. Both of which I like very much.

I think I’ve celebrated sufficiently.

And now for the part of my day that made me incredibly happy. I met my friend Grant and his friend Anna for drinks tonight. We went to a bar called Mother Hubbard’s. It was great I had a Blue Moon, which I tend to do more frequently as summer dwindles and I transition into more fallish beers. Anyway, I walk in and I didn’t really expect to see what I saw. But I was thrilled. So incredibly thrilled. I saw this on the wall!

When I die I'll be Sooner dead!

It made my day. Mainly because whenever I say I just graduated from OU people always say, “Oh my gosh! I went to Ohio too!” Not the same. Not even sort of the same. And that reminded me that OU plays on Saturday! This will be the first time in four years that I’m not there at the game. I’m sad. Really sad. But it’s on FX which means I can watch it.

So that’s that. Happy Wine Season!


Boomer Sooner



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