Ears Pierced

Well I’m not about to get my ears actually pierced again. I’m not trying to have a cartilage piercing that gets crazy infected. I know a guy that that happened too, it wasn’t pretty. I figured a worthy celebration was to listen to ear piercing music and I did exactly that.

I started off my day with some Lil Wayne. His new album is kind of great. It’s also kind of scary. But I like it. Did you know that my entire family like Weezy. I don’t think we are his target audience, but I could be wrong. Maybe Weezy is real into nice families.

My ears were officially pierced today, by thug rap lyrics. It was great.

For the other celebration, National Beheading Day, I didn’t actually behead anyone, I went to the DMV. Which in case you were wondering is worse than a beheading. I want to tell you the whole DMV story, but if I tell you right now I’ll punch something or someone.

I will tell you the story, nay the tale, soon.


In the burbs.


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