The Cheesiest

It’s Cheese Pizza Day and I celebrated deliciously. I went to Sarpinio’s and by went to Sarpinio’s I mean a man brought pizza all the way to my apartment door and then I ate it. I had a specialty pizza and a regular variety pizza. It was the tastiest celebration.

The greatest part about ordering this most tasty pizza is that I got to order it online. I had to call no one. Which brings me to my story for the day. My father loathes ordering pizza. He will forgo eating if he is forced to make the phone call. I have seen this phenomenon happen more than once. It’s unreal.His inability to talk to the pizza person is outstanding. I have never seen such steadfast resolve not to call someone. It’s one of his most hilarious faults. I need to inform him of the ordering online option. I’m sure he would be thrilled. I’m also certain I will be getting a text message about this comment in a few minutes.

It has been a fantastic Labor Day, which is the other celebration for the day. I slept in. Grabbed some lunch and started watching Lost. I’ve sat on my couch for a ways today and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way. I’m taking a small break from our Lost marathon to write this sweet note to you. I have labored as little as humanly possible today.

I hope your Labor Day and Cheese Pizza Day has been as wonderful as mine.


Does anyone remember Pizza Face from All That? I do.


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