Well, I’ve done it. I had high hopes for today and I took a ridiculously long nap, maybe the longest one ever.

I wanted to clean my apartment and put away my clothes and what not. I still haven’t unpacked my bag from this weekend. However, that is mainly due to the fact that I have Unpackingitis. It’s very real and definitely on the list of itis’ to look out for.

So the day was sort of a bust in terms of productivity. But in terms of things I love IT was spot on. I got to talk to two people that I love dearly. And they made me smile so much.

One of them I’ve known since I was sixteen. She was a surprise at my sixteenth birthday. She has a sweet boy that she loves and I loved getting to hear all about him. She is wonderful. And I adore her.

The other one probably wins blog VIP. She’s my person. And I’ve known her since the very first day of college. We have made a million plans for business endeavors and books to write. That’s what we do in our free time plan pit fictional lives.

I did make a delicious batch of pasta. Lemon cream sauce with scallops. I like to cook. Especially when I get to cook for other people.

Oh!!! Here’s a breakthrough. You know how I want to have a meal/dish that my kid’s friends love so much. Well, I’ve officially added one side dish to the final list. Cauliflower. Steam it. Put in in the food process. Add a little cream cheese. Add a little milk. Salt and pepper. Food process the crap out of it. It’s like mash potatoes but healthier. sp there’s that.


The least cohesive blog ever.


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