Feeling the Love

Can you feel the love? You should be able to it’s Feel the Love Day. I felt the love. I felt it via cooking, which is a very good way to feel the love if you were wondering.

I was at work today and a little refrigerator light bulb went off in my head. Ceviche, you say? Ceviche it was! I had made this once before when I was in Charleston and it was high time for another batch! It’s a Rick Bayless recipe and if  you were unaware, I love him.

Before I walk you through it, I’ll just post the link to the recipe so you can plan to go shopping tomorrow. Frontera Ceviche. So on my way home I stopped at Whole Foods. I have a serious crush on that place. I bought all my produce there. I was going to buy the fish there but I wasn’t trying to spend a million dollars. But if I was trying to spend a million dollars I would go to Whole Foods. Anyway, the produce there is the prettiest thing in all the land. I saw these!

These were stacked three deep. It was so pretty. Yellow is always pretty.

And I bought a ginormous heirloom tomato for the ceviche. If tomatoes could be pretty pretty princesses, this one would have been the prettiest prettiest princess. It was lumpy and bumpy and perfect.

The camera does not do this justice at all. It was lovely.

Needless to say, I was feeling the love with the vegetables today. I could not have been happier. And I got my laundry done. It was a happy day.


He’s holding back he’s hiding. From what I can’t decide. Why can’t he be the King I know he is the King I see inside?? Can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are.


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