And you thought there wasn’t a holiday today.

It’s Literacy Day! I like books. I like them quite a lot. I have favorite ones and least favorite ones. I like fantasy novels  and classic ones. I like series and single ones. I like fiction and non-fiction. This past spring and summer I was reading all the time. Recently, not too much. However, I am trying to read The Hobbit again.

It’s also Kiss Day, or so Chelsie was informed via Twitter. This I what she sent me when I asked for a suggestion of holidays today.


and international literacy day
which go hand in hand because i still hold the record for most AR Points acrued in one year at Crestview Elementary school
800 if I recall correctly.
I also read every book in the library. And Mrs. Sims, elementary  librarian, sent me birthday cards through high school cause we were besties due to my frequent visits.
and my literacy skills got me where i am today.
and international kiss day or something
i saw tweets about that one
That was copy and pasted straight from our Gchat this afternoon. She got a job today!!! She was hired full time on an account at a super fancy PR firm in Dallas. She was an intern there for the past while or so and now she has a real live grownup job. I’m so proud.
She is the Accelerated Reader champion, which I’m sure is on her resume and is the reason she got hired full time.
And International Kiss Day?? Of course I’ll celebrate that!…… yep consider that celebrated. Right… And now I’m going to try and make it through an episode of Lost and then going to bed. I’m sleepy and I have to go to work in the morn.
Sleepiness > Blogginess
PS: This popped up yesterday after I posted my blog.

What are the odds!!!



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2 responses to “And you thought there wasn’t a holiday today.

  1. this is totally unrelated to your celebration. just a disclaimer.
    i went to the BHS volleyball game today. the last time i had been to a game was when you were on the team. it’s been a while. 🙂 anyway, being there made me think of you. random, yes. oh, and i saw your sister there but she left before i could say hi.

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