Unfortunately, this is not my new hobby. Blogging from my phone is tedious enough. I’m blogging from the road! I’m in Nashville!! A friend of mine from Bartlesville is getting married!! And he happens to be Sean’s best friend from high school.

I love weddings and I cannot think of a more perfect celebration for Lacemaking Day! I’m currently writing this from the parking lot. This is the lovely church they are getting married in!


And!! I’m in Nashville. It’s a good change of pace from Chicago, that I don’t adore Chicago. It’s just that I miss boots and jeans and things that remind me of Oklahoma. And Tennessee is the closest I’ve been to Oklahoma in about a month and a half.

And we planned accordingly, we don’t leave until tomorrow night. Which means we have all day to explore downtown tomorrow. My dreams of becoming a country music starlet are finally coming true.

Here’s a fun fact, that was actually my profession of choice at one point in my life. I was about 5 years old but dreams are dreams!!

I’m off it’s almost wedding time!


Congratulations in advance to Mr. and (almost) Mrs. Befort!!


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