Red White Blue

The NFL was the winner of best celebration for Patriot Day. Every game had a field sized American flag. I want to know how to get my hands on one of those. Because clearly, my apartment is big enough to have a football field sized American flag within it’s walls.

The commercials today were also amazing. Jay-Z’s song New York sung by small children all over New York City, genius. And when we were driving back from the airport tonight one of the buildings downtown had the windows lighted in an American flag and on either end of the building it said 9/11. It was so cool.

I think it is interesting to find out where people were when they found out about the towers being hit. I was in the 7th grade. I was walking through the halls of Central Middle School. One of my friends said that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. I, being a 7th grader, didn’t know what the World Trade Center was.

I went to Mr. Amburn’s class. It was only September, so I didn’t know that he would be one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had. He challenged me more as a 7th grader than any professor in college ever challenged me. I learned more in the class than ever. I have an incredibly knowledge of geography. I know every state and capitol.

Anyway, he had a huge TV in his classroom. The news was already on when we walked in. We sat for that entire class and just watched the news. I’m almost positive that we saw the second tower fall in that class. I remember where I was sitting in that class. Second seat back from the front on the farthest right side of classroom. I was wearing khaki shorts, a green tank top, my jean jacket and my Dr. Marten sandals (naturally).

Mr. Amburn told us this would be something that we would remember for the rest of our lives. He was right. He told us that this would change the way the world functioned. He was right. It was the strangest day. I had no idea what the implications of 9/11 would be on my life. I just didn’t understand the magnitude of the impact those events would have on the world. Being a 7th grader you aren’t really familiar with terrorism and getting into wars.

I hope you were patriotic today.

I know it’s Make Your Bed Day as well, but our plane coming back was delayed and we got back late and I’m exhausted. I’m doing it tomorrow. I’m changing my sheets and even putting all the pictures on it. I’ll take a picture for you.





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2 responses to “Red White Blue

  1. becky armstrong

    If only all teachers could be the teacher that Bill Amburn has been, the world would be a better place!!! He rocks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kryn

    My mom had him in 7th grade too. 😉

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