Fortune Cookie.

It’s Fortune Cookie Day and I’m making a huge batch of chicken salad. I’ll update in a bit.


Your numbers are: 8 43 16 9 54 3



Well, I’m quite sorry that blogging didn’t really happen last night. I was making the largest vat of chicken salad I’ve ever laid eyes on. Contents include: chicken, cucumber, apple, grapes, walnuts, dill. I was pleased and it will be a good lunch for the the rest of the year or until it runs out, which ever comes first.

I got so sleepy last night. Blogging was beyond me. But I promised an update and an update you’ll get. Soon after my short little post last night I received the following text message from my father who happens to be on fishing trip with a family friend:

“Luck numbers matched my day…the maid came in our room at 8…caught 43 trout…smiled 16 smiles thinking lasts nights Phat Thai spicy duck…have had 9 sips of beer/wild turkey…laughed 54 times watching Boz being scared by a snake…at 3 AM Boz yelled FOOTBALL during a dream…my lucky day in Colorado…”

Steve is usually pretty cryptic with his texts. I’m watching season 1 of LOST which led me to almost use the LOST numbers, but I didn’t want my blog to crash and I didn’t want to be haunted by a mechanical smoke monster.

In other news, the most recent time I have had a fortune cookie it didn’t even have a fortune inside! It was the largest fail on the part of the fortune cookie. You have one roll cookie, tell me my fortune. Tell me to invest in a lucrative business opportunity. Tell me that today the weather will have a large influence on the outcome of a relationship! Just tell me something!!! I didn’t even know what to do with the lack of fortune. The worst part is it wasn’t the first time I have been lacking in fortune.


Office time update!


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