What a good day!!

I’m blogging from Declan’s. It’s the official University of Oklahoma bar. It’s full of Sooner fans and I love it. It’s like I’m back in Norman. Whaley is maybe the coolest dude ever. He walked on and now he starts. He’s like the Rudy of Oklahoma.

Anyway, it’s Student Day and the 1st day of Oktoberfest. I’m in a bar having beers (Oktoberfest) with tons of people that went to my school (Students Day). I’m a celebrating fool. And I look awesome.

I jerseyed up today. My Bradford jersey looks amazing. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve seen people I know from school and I’ve even seen these!!!!


It’s dark in this bar, that is the stirrer in the swirls at The Mont, and The Mont was my spot in Norman.

And this is the part of the blog where I tell you about the best part of my day. Sean and I were sitting outside and a homeless guy came up to us. He started asking us about our OU gear. He looks at Sean and says, “You have one beautiful Oklahoma Cheerleader.” Umm… awesome. We continue to chat and he tells Sean he can only refer to me as Miss America. He then demonstrates how to say Miss…..America. There was a definitely a huge pause between the miss and the America. It was amazing. We were his students for sure.

The guy apologized to Sean for getting him in trouble with me, hilarious. So that was a highlight for sure. What’s not a highlight? The lady that stole one of our seats and has the most heinous smelling perfume of all time. My throat is burning. She didn’t even dress according to gameday, amateur.

Chelsie is at an Oktoberfest celebration in Addison, Texas. She sent me this!


That’s her and her cute boyfriend Matt!!

And that’s that.


Miss America


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