It’s Love Note Day. So today at work I wrote a love note to a boy that I thought was deserving of one. I tried and uses my prettiest hand writing, which is what you have to do when you write a love note. Your love is conveyed much more meaningfully when written in pretty cursive.

I pondered all the things I wanted to say via this letter prior to writing it. I didn’t want a thousand mistakes. And then I wrote a very nice letter. And I didn’t even make a major mistake. And I’m fairly certain he liked it.

So back in the days of Pride and Prejudice women were prized on the ‘womanly skills’. Those skills included, harpsichord playing, singing, piano, ability to sit still, ability to keep opinions to ones self and submission.

I am perhaps the least musical person I know. And sitting still and being quiet aren’t my greatest skills. So I’m fairly certain, since no one would want to marry me, I would have to develop skills in the areas of flower arranging or letter writing. Both of which I’m fairly skilled at. So that’s all I’ve got.

But now I’m on a fun dinner date. See ya.


Gilt Bar. Look it up.


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