Fill in the Blank

Considering that I looked high and low for a viable holiday and could find literally nothing, I decided to improvise and celebrate what I deemed a holiday. I cleaned out the vacuum and henceforth September 26th will be known as Do Something Awful Day.

So here’s how this all began. Since moving to Chicago I have needed a rug. I searched the internet through and finally found a beautiful yellow and cream rug that would match so perfectly with my apartment. I order it. It gets here. I open it. It’s blue and green. I wrap it up. I send it back. I’m rugless yet again. I search again and finally found a gray and black rug that I love.

It gets here. I open it. It’s gray and black (success!). However, it came with a serious issue. It sheds like an annoying dog and I don’t like dogs. So my vacuum was at Sean’s because he has carpet and I have wood floors and I Swifer incessantly and use run on sentences.

So this weekend I went to fetch my vacuum. And tonight, I solved the rug problem. It’s much much prettier now. There isn’t fuzz stuck to my feet and every other item in my apartment now.

However, I was unaware that the vacuum was so painfully full of stuff. I had to clean it out in order for it to continue to clean my floors. I honestly didn’t know that that much dust could live at one time on a floor and now in a vacuum. It looked like all the dust that was on the Earth ever.

It was terrifying. Dust clouds happened. I sneezed. It got on my floor. And then I vacuumed the rug. TWO VACUUM CANISTERS WORTH. I have a feeling that this is going to be a fairly regular existence in my life. I’m afraid that one day my rug will disappear due to being vacuumed completely up.

However, I will say that dealing with something dirty that is dry is MUCH less painful than dealing with something dirty that is wet, like shower drains or something. Good mental image, huh?

So there’s that. Pretty gross. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with any other horribly nasty things in the future.


I developed allergies tonight I think.


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