I like being a tourist. I also like tourists, mostly. They are always thrilled to be wherever they are, which in my case is my city. Chicago has lots of tourist things, which I’m actually going to be partaking in to the fullest this weekend. Because this human is coming!!

We are cool.

And we have lots and lots of fun things planned. But today I had to celebrate. I figured since I haven’t lived here very long, I’m practically a tourist still anyway. (How long do you live a place before you aren’t a visitor/tourist?) On my way home from work, I stopped at Portillo’s to purchase the most Chicago type food. A hotdog of course!

Now here’s the thing, a Chicago style hotdog is full of not so typical hotdog things. For example, an entire pickle spear, two giant tomatoes and whole peppers. Here’s a diagram, notice how ketchup isn’t included. They are very adamant about the exclusion of ketchup.

What was the Chicago style hotdog's favorite Spice Girl? Sporty Spice. Haha.

So, my sport pepper joke was not funny at all. Moving on. I was sort of concerned with all of those ingredients. But I ate it like a champ. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. Although, sport peppers aren’t my favorite and I only ate half of one.

But it was the most touristy thing I could do on my way home. And, it was only $2.35, which seems like a steal considering I could make an entire salad of all the things on top of that hotdog. I highly suggest trying one. I’ll probably make Chelsie try one.

So there’s that, World Tourism Day officially celebrated.


What is the difference between regular relish and green relish?


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