The Elixer of Life

Coffee drives this country and perhaps the world. After being in a corporate setting for the last two months almost exactly, I have realized how much people rely on coffee to get them through the day.

Here’s the problem for Coffee Day, I like tea. So whenever people drink coffee I drink tea. Like today for example, I had two cups of ginger peach tea. Brand: Republic of Tea. My most favorite of all the teas. I have a sneaking suspicion that my teeth are going to get stained from drinking all this tea. Good thing I know a guy.

I have a really great coffee story. One time when I was flying home from summer camp, my friend and I ordered coffee from Starbucks in Russian accents. You try and say Carmel Macchiato in a Russian accent, it’s hilarious.

Sometimes I desperately want coffee. Not often, but occasionally. For the most part I just want a delicious cup of interesting tea. So if you aren’t a big lover of coffee, feel free to join me on the leafy side. It’s very nice.

Sorry this is so short and so alternatively celebrated, but Band of Brothers just entered my life and you know how I feel about Donnie Wahlberg.


Band of Brothers has the right stuff.


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