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Happy Halloween!!

Well, it’s Halloween and I’ve already celebrated. I wore a costume and I hung out with Keith Stone. Aside from my finger wound, it was a great Halloween.

I thought I would share with you some of my previous Halloween costumes. A few of them you may have seen on Pink Day. So here’s a blast from my princess ridden past.

I pondered bringing this back for this year.

I was so not thrilled about wearing a turtleneck. Ballerinas simply do not wear turtlenecks. My mom disagreed. It was cold.

Again with the turtleneck.

Jack and Jane and me. Really representing Disney.

AGAIN WITH THE TURTLENECK! I guess when it’s October in Oklahoma, you have be bundled even if you are a pretty pretty princess. Jane is Tinkerbell. Jack is Pooh. Walt would be so proud.

That is one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I think my mom made it. I was really thrilled about this one due to the makeup I got to wear. Mascara and lipstick at the age of 4 is a really really big deal.

Here is a pic from Halloween this year.

We looked kinda awesome.

I’m about 74% sure Sean could replace the guy in the Keith Stone commercials and no one would know the difference. I don’t think he’s in school. I think he just goes and films Keystone Light commercials. This was prior to my thumb crisis.

Today I laughed because I thought of two different costumes my thumb could be dressed up as, zombie or mummy. It’s been wrapped up in gauze and looks like an extra from The Walking Dead.

I hope you had a spooky Halloween!




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Finger funeral

It’s plan a great funeral day and I told you my thoughts on funerals a while ago. Good thing I accidentally celebrated last night. My thumb got shut in the door and it’s not pretty. So a funeral for my thumbnail is happening. It hurts. I’m nervous my nail won’t grow right again. It’s still attached….for now. Sorry for the scaryness, Happy Halloween?


Short blogs happen when one thumb is down for the count.

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The Secret to Life

The summer before I went to college was the summer my Father imparted all his wisdom to me. Not that he hadn’t prepared me for leaving home and setting out on my own, sort of, but he gave me extra nuggets of wisdom that summer. The most important and relevant to your lives today is the fact that Oatmeal is the elixer of life. In honor of Oatmeal Day, here is some info for you.

Prior to leaving for college, Steve was adamant about me eating oatmeal. He told me that it was a proven fact that if I would eat oatmeal for breakfast at school I couldn’t lose. I was WAY less likely to gain the freshman 15 and my life in general would be 115% better. It’s actually really great advice, but when you have a meal plan and points to spend, oatmeal is the LAST thing you want to eat. There was a cereal bar for goodness sake.

But now that I’m a pretend grownup, I’ve been eating oatmeal. Currently in my desk at work is a box of apple and cinnamon flavored oatmeal. I eat a pack every morning and my life is 115% better. It turns out Steve was right. Nothing new there, he’s a smart dude. I’m sure he will be thrilled that I am eating oatmeal on a daily basis.

Remember how I told you that I love the people I work with? Well I do if you had forgotten. I sit next to a really fun guy and about a week ago he brought oatmeal too! We deemed ourselves the Health Monsters and eat our oatmeal in the morning. It’s been great.

So now, since it’s Halloween weekend, I’m going out dressed in costume. I wanted to be Carmen Sandiego. But I couldn’t find a red trench coat. So I went with something ultra girly a dutch girl! I look fancy. BTW, I’m blogging in costume. Happy Halloween everyone!! I’ll let you know of the hilarious costumes I see tonight.


Health Monster

PS: I’ve already seen the Ambiguously Gay Duo. They won the costume contest and it was only 8:00 p.m.

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