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Happy Halloween!!

Well, it’s Halloween and I’ve already celebrated. I wore a costume and I hung out with Keith Stone. Aside from my finger wound, it was a great Halloween.

I thought I would share with you some of my previous Halloween costumes. A few of them you may have seen on Pink Day. So here’s a blast from my princess ridden past.

I pondered bringing this back for this year.

I was so not thrilled about wearing a turtleneck. Ballerinas simply do not wear turtlenecks. My mom disagreed. It was cold.

Again with the turtleneck.

Jack and Jane and me. Really representing Disney.

AGAIN WITH THE TURTLENECK! I guess when it’s October in Oklahoma, you have be bundled even if you are a pretty pretty princess. Jane is Tinkerbell. Jack is Pooh. Walt would be so proud.

That is one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I think my mom made it. I was really thrilled about this one due to the makeup I got to wear. Mascara and lipstick at the age of 4 is a really really big deal.

Here is a pic from Halloween this year.

We looked kinda awesome.

I’m about 74% sure Sean could replace the guy in the Keith Stone commercials and no one would know the difference. I don’t think he’s in school. I think he just goes and films Keystone Light commercials. This was prior to my thumb crisis.

Today I laughed because I thought of two different costumes my thumb could be dressed up as, zombie or mummy. It’s been wrapped up in gauze and looks like an extra from The Walking Dead.

I hope you had a spooky Halloween!



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Finger funeral

It’s plan a great funeral day and I told you my thoughts on funerals a while ago. Good thing I accidentally celebrated last night. My thumb got shut in the door and it’s not pretty. So a funeral for my thumbnail is happening. It hurts. I’m nervous my nail won’t grow right again. It’s still attached….for now. Sorry for the scaryness, Happy Halloween?


Short blogs happen when one thumb is down for the count.

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The Secret to Life

The summer before I went to college was the summer my Father imparted all his wisdom to me. Not that he hadn’t prepared me for leaving home and setting out on my own, sort of, but he gave me extra nuggets of wisdom that summer. The most important and relevant to your lives today is the fact that Oatmeal is the elixer of life. In honor of Oatmeal Day, here is some info for you.

Prior to leaving for college, Steve was adamant about me eating oatmeal. He told me that it was a proven fact that if I would eat oatmeal for breakfast at school I couldn’t lose. I was WAY less likely to gain the freshman 15 and my life in general would be 115% better. It’s actually really great advice, but when you have a meal plan and points to spend, oatmeal is the LAST thing you want to eat. There was a cereal bar for goodness sake.

But now that I’m a pretend grownup, I’ve been eating oatmeal. Currently in my desk at work is a box of apple and cinnamon flavored oatmeal. I eat a pack every morning and my life is 115% better. It turns out Steve was right. Nothing new there, he’s a smart dude. I’m sure he will be thrilled that I am eating oatmeal on a daily basis.

Remember how I told you that I love the people I work with? Well I do if you had forgotten. I sit next to a really fun guy and about a week ago he brought oatmeal too! We deemed ourselves the Health Monsters and eat our oatmeal in the morning. It’s been great.

So now, since it’s Halloween weekend, I’m going out dressed in costume. I wanted to be Carmen Sandiego. But I couldn’t find a red trench coat. So I went with something ultra girly a dutch girl! I look fancy. BTW, I’m blogging in costume. Happy Halloween everyone!! I’ll let you know of the hilarious costumes I see tonight.


Health Monster

PS: I’ve already seen the Ambiguously Gay Duo. They won the costume contest and it was only 8:00 p.m.

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It’s Bandana Day! I love a good bandana, in fact I have an American flag bandana in my bathroom as we speak. It was a gift. And tomorrow, I am going out tomorrow night for Halloween and I’m almost positive one person going out with my is wearing a bandana. I’m pretty sure he is going as The Boss. AKA the most American human ever to live. And one of the most prolific bandana wearers.

Chelsie informed me that when she was in high school she had a bandana themed bedspread, which seems about right. And today when we were walking back from dinner I passed a really really poor cowboy halloween costume. He was bandanaless. LAME.

Anyway, here’s the more exciting news for the day. I officially have a real full time job starting next week. I am no longer an intern. I’m a grown-up. I could not be happier.

I also promised you an epic tale of my 3rd grade birthday party. Here goes.

Once upon a time, in a town called Bartlesville, many years ago there was a birthday party. It was my birthday, during third grade. This party remained a topic of discussion through high school.

We stayed at my grandparents house. We didn’t sleep at all. We made personal pizzas. We did skits. We had contests to see who could keep their feet in a bucket of ice the longest. We were so loud. We had so much fun. I know that there are still a few of my friends to this day that will know the context of the skits we were doing.

I know that this story isn’t that great. But it was the first thing that came to mind when I knew I had to tell a story. It’s just one of those nights that was so much fun. It became one of the most told tales throughout school.

Feel free to look back through the posts of this blog for the time a stranger told me I had nice calves, the time I fell through the ceiling or the most fantastic seat buddy of all time I met on my way to LA.


Career Woman Barbie

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Once upon a time..

Dear Everyone,

I have a tale to tell for Tell a Story Day. It’s the tale of my most epic 3rd grade birthday party. It’s still my best birthday ever. I will tell it, but I got carried away with Johnny Depp on TV and now I’m going to get Thursday night margs. But I will tell you the tale. I have to wait till I have a second so I can give this tale they appropriate time it deserves.


It’s going to blow your mind.

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Out of 365 days, there is bound to be a day that doesn’t have anything awesome to celebrate. Like today. It’s Hillary Clinton’s birthday and I’m not trying to celebrate that. It’s Mincemeat Day and that is just downright disgusting. It’s Mule Day and I don’t have any hilarious mule encounters.

So, I declared today Love the People You Work With and in celebration I went bowling with the cool people I work with. We went to this great bar with old fashioned bowling lanes. And by old fashioned I mean there was a guy at the back returning your balls and resetting your pins. We played ping pong and drank delicious beers.

I realize that I am so incredibly lucky to work for such a great company. I know that not everyone gets a job that they love right out of college, but that’s exactly what I got. I have so much fun with my team. I laugh everyday at work. I never dread going to work. So today was the best celebration ever. I got to hang out with people that I think are really fun.

I am a happy clam.


She’s a mule driver.

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It’s Pasta Day!! I was brainstorming all day at work what kind of delicious pasta I would make. I knew that I had to make something out of the box. And boy did I! Also, I promise never to say ‘boy did I’ again. So out of the box was on the menu and I accomplished that.

So I looked high and low for out of the box pasta, which isn’t macaroni and cheese if you were wondering. I looked to The Pioneer Woman and I found was I was looking for. I made sauce from one recipe and meat balls from another.

Sauce first. I abandoned the tomato like Joe Dirt and went with the red pepper. I ROASTED RED PEPPERS ALL BY MYSELF. It’s isn’t hard. Please don’t be scared. I made really simple red pepper sauce and then Sean came and made it WAY more delicious because he believes in black pepper and I don’t. So the sauce was a really good alternative to regular tomato based sauce.

I made really delicious pork meatballs. I used all pork instead of half pork and half beef. It was a great decision. My meat balls were flawless. I browned them in a pan and then finished them off in the oven.

Bowtie pasta finished things off and I was a happy clam. Now, there is a debate going around my apartment. Whose presentation of tonights pasta dinner was prettier. So I will show you both and you can tell me which one is the best.

A side by side comparison.

Pretty pasta #1

Pretty Pasta #2

You decide. Comment your decision.


It’s a pasta off!


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