Frugal Fun

This was the most successful celebration of my entire blog. Although, Polar Beards wasn’t half bad. So Chelsie is here. I’m sorry about yesterday, I haven’t seen her since May and we had things to discuss. (I had a pumpkin cupcake in an extended celebration of yesterday).

So for Frugal Fun Day we were going to just go do fun Chicagoy things. However, our world was rocked. We started out the day at the farmers market. We just walked through, we weren’t trying to carry around organic jams for the whole day. We walked to Portillo’s where we had Chicago style hotdogs. A good start to our Chicago day.

We took the train down to the loop so we could walk to the park. Well, as soon as we excited the train, we realized that State Street was blocked off and there was a huge street sitch. We huhla hooped. We got free slurpees. We watched roller derby. We watched skaters. We went to the bean. We took a million pictures.

The bean!!


We are cool!

The we found a cool tent set up from Redbook. Free stuff and free massages!!!!!!!!

We went to Navy Pier and got free admission to Oktoberfest. We went to dinner and got a free dessert because we are cute and nice. It was the greatest frugal adventure.

And now we are going to my favorite place.


Dance party in my apartment.



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2 responses to “Frugal Fun

  1. Charlene

    Now that was a day to celebrate! Sounds wonderfully urban.

  2. Chelsie

    i wanna dance with somebodyyyyyyyy

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