Name Your Car Day

Let me preface this day with the fact that I no longer have a vehicle that belongs to me. I live in a big pretty city that has amazing amounts of public transportation. Having a car would cost a million dollars. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t ever had a car. I had a car (that my mom is now driving) that I so dearly loved. It was a Jeep Liberty. It was a pretty blue green color. I miss it. I miss it a lot.

But I never got around to naming it. Nothing I ever came up with seemed cool enough. I helped several others name their cars, but I drove a nameless one. However, my sister drives a Jeep Liberty and she name it Jamaal, which is a fantastic name for a car if you ask me. My cousin Betsy has named her car as well, but I’m not sure what its name is.

I suggest naming cars. I never got to name mine and I sort of wish I would have picked out a name for my Jeep.

I’m sleepy. It was a long weekend. I got to see my person. It was amazing, but now I need to sit on my couch and just be. Catch up with ya later.


Couch Sitting

PS: I’ll post the October list soon. I have it I just need to be on my computer, which I’m currently not.


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One response to “Name Your Car Day

  1. Sister Abby

    Betsy’s is Mitch the mustang! and Jane’s was Jenny the jeep! and you can’t forget about Big Nasty!!

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