Boobs rule.

First things first, everyone loves boobs. I don’t know a single human that doesn’t like them. We have an entire month dedicated to their preservation. That’s the celebration for today, talking about Breast Cancer Awareness month. Your moms and sisters and grandmothers and daughters and neighbors and best friends might have to deal with it someday, so you should probably start caring.

So I have two friends from college that are so wonderful and sweet. They are super involved with supporting breast cancer research. They have participated in the 3-Day walk in Dallas.

Here they are!


Some of our friends went down to cheer them on!

Hope for the cure!!!

I just looked on their facebook’s and a month from tomorrow the 3-Day starts again! It’s a hugely cool way to support breast cancer research. They walk everyday and camp at night. Each team gets sponsors and the money goes to research. Callyn and Toni have had their worlds rocked by the sweet team that they participate with. They have been blessed to meet amazing people that love them like their own daughters.

If you are interested in finding out more about that 3-Day walk, here is a link to the registration page from Susan G. Komen. A Pink Link!!  So this month, when you see a pink ribbon smile. Smile because boobs rule and we really don’t want them going anywhere.


Pink is the happiest color of all!



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