Smile Day

It’s Smile Day! Potentially one of the happiest days of all the year. I walk to work every day, to and from. This is my trek.

2.6 miles each day

That means I have 2.6 miles of people to smile at and I do smile. There’s a hotel about half way into my walk and there is one doorman that is always there when I walk by. Well, after two months of smiles we are friends. He is so nice and so smiley and always asks me how my day was. We are friends. He sort of looks like Snoop Dogg. However, my doorman friend doesn’t have weird pig tails, he has really cool dreds.

Today when I was almost home, I passed a mom and her 5 year old little girl. The little girl had the most precious curly brown hair. Cute little bangs and a flower clip. When I walked pass them I told her mom that she had the cutest hair. The little girl’s eyes lit up and she smiled so big. It was the cutest thing. I hope I made her day.

I like smiling. In a big city, people are much less likely to smile at you. So I smile often and I like it. It makes my days happier and I hope it makes someone’s day happy too!


I take a lot of ques from Buddy the Elf.


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One response to “Smile Day

  1. I am mondo impressed you walk 2.6 miles to work. My dream is to live in a place where I could walk or ride my bike to work. I almost got it this time (I’m a 10 minute drive away now) but the hills in MIssouri would KILL me.

    PS: In case no one has told you, it’s not your Buddy personality that is winning you friends (although that probably works for you, too). I mean, hello? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Beautiful women smiling at pedestrians ALWAYS make friends. If you weren’t so well traveled and smart, I’d be worried you will attract a weirdo in the windy city.

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