Happy German American Day! Once upon a time when I was in high school, I took German as my foreign language. Why I didn’t pick Spanish is beyond me.

I loved my German class. I had it with a couple of my friends. My teacher was a huge character. He sold German candy and he loved roller coasters. For whatever reason. Herr D (I won’t give you his whole name in order to protect the innocent) loved me for whatever reason (because I’m awesome).

Herr D would always give out extra credit. I would always take it. Because I was an over achiever in high school and I was terrible at German. So by the end of the year I had a 112%. That meant that I could get a -0.5% on the final and still have an A in the class. Sp I didn’t study. AT ALL. I got a D in that test a C with the curve and a 94% in the class. My friend Jason wasn’t pleased. Probably because he was really good at German.

I don’t advise not studying for a final, unless you have a 112%. Turns out I also got German Student of the Year at our rewards assembly (also due to my awesomeness).


I know two German phrases.

Was machst du in denier friezeit?
What do you like to do in your free time?

Das ist teuer!!
That is expensive!


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