Hi there. Good evening. I told you I would give you some updates from the last few days and I meant it. As much as I love this blog, I don’t like being the girl that has to blog whilst in a restaurant or at a bar. Although I do that occasionally, it’s not my desired blog venue.

That’s why occasionally (weekends) you get shorter less exciting posts. So this weekend, people were here. We had lots of things to do. So here are the updates.

Denim Day.

First of all I wear jeans the majority of the time, but jeans are the most boring form of denim. So let me tell you about the most exciting form of denim. DENIM JACKETS/VESTS!! I’m interested in finding a Kelly Kapowski version. Something a little like this.

Also, I want feathered hair.

I wish I could have been in high school in the 90s. I would have ruled! I am also open to denim vests, denim cutoffs, denim shirts, etc. etc.

Children’s Day was another roaring success of a holiday. Like I mentioned yesterday, I was at a three year old’s birthday party. Her name was Summer and she was the greatest. She got a tea party set. And she looked like a princess. She rode her tricycle and drew with chalk and ate cupcakes and watched Enchanted. A pretty good birthday party if you ask me. For my third birthday I went bowling. I wasn’t a good bowler at all, I’m still not. But I had fun.

And now today. Curious Events Day. I use the word curious more than I should. It’s one of those words that unknowingly  becomes a large part of your vocabulary. But in honor of this day, I’ll revisit some things that were curious this year.

1. I fell through a ceiling.

My leggings got shredded off my body.

I think that’s curious enough.


I went to a total of three birthday parties this weekend.



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