Butt Kicked

I got to work and I made a list of things that I was going to accomplish today. It was a good list and it was/still is in my flowery notebook. It was a list of things to accomplish in order so Kick Butt Day would be a success. I accomplished not all of them. But it was the thought that counts.

Here’s the list.

-Grocery shop on the way home.
-Pilates video/something from Netflix.
– Make enchiladas
– Clean bathroom.
-Start laundry.
-Clean bedroom.
-Make Mexican rice and beans.
-Record the Bears game @7:30 p.m. (because when I’m writing things down using @ makes so much sense).

Next to this list was a list of things I needed from the store.

White onions (2)
Whipping Cream
Chicken Broth
Mexican beers
Black beans
Post Its
Whole Canned Tom. (140z)
Rimming Salt

As you can see, I was making a Mexican fiesta. I was going to kick today’s butt. I was going to challenge all house cleaning things and make dinner and do some pilates situation. How successful! However, I seriously overshot how long it would take me to grocery shop and makes said Mexican fiesta.

What I did know as soon as I got home, not everything was going to get crossed off my list. Naturally, pilates/Netflix was the first to go. The second was laundry. Mainly because I knew that I could do it tomorrow and I got new panties in the mail today, so laundry wasn’t insanely pertinent. And bathroom cleaning has been on my list for a while now, so I didn’t really have a problem leaving it on the list.

I did clean my bedroom and hang up about one million articles of clothing that fell on the floor this weekend. And I made one delicious Mexican fiesta. I kicked that fiesta’s butt.

So I made enchiladas that were sort of made up. I had the recipe from Rick Bayless, but I made them into enchiladas instead of soft taco filling. Chicken and cheese inside of tortillas covered in sauce. Sauce made of garlic, onions, green chiles, cream, olive oil, spinach. And there was also Modelo involved. I made rice with lots and lots of tomatoes and I made way way way way too much rice. It was delicious but copious. I made black beans, that some guy I made dinner for added jalapenos to. It was actually better that way.

So I kicked the fiesta in the butt today. I didn’t however kick my completed list in the butt or have my butt kicked my some scary work out lady on Netflix. Maybe tomorrow.


I didn’t find Post Its.


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