The Best Place For This

I live in the best place for this holiday. It’s National Sausage Pizza Day. Today at work I was planning and scheming on where to purchase this delicious treat for dinner.

It’s a good thing I live right next to Lou Malnati’s. The Lou Malnati’s next to my house used to be an Anthropologie. It’s a fair trade I suppose. So on my way home, after passing some dudes. I say dudes because they weren’t your average homeless guys, but they weren’t exactly vagabond drifters either. They exuded a sense of Irish gypsy spirit, mixed with Green Street Hooligans, with dirt. And they were sitting outside of Lou Malnati’s holding a sign that said ‘Kisses 25 Cents’. I laughed.

So I went into the place ordered my deep dish sausage pizza, which is one of their specialty pizzas, and went home. It takes 30 minutes to make a deep dish so I sat in my living room instead of the restaurant. So I wait 30 minutes, walk back by the ‘Kisses 25 Cents’ Dirty Gypsy Hooligans and get my pizza.

I’m in my apartment, I’m ready to eat the tastiness. I open the box and much to my dismay I ordered the WRONG pizza. It didn’t have sausage. It had spinach, mushrooms, and lots of tomatoes. It was really good, it just wasn’t sausage pizza. I sat there and stared at it for a while trying to assess whether or not there was a solution to my misordering. There wasn’t. Simply eating it was the only solution I had. So I did. Sadly.

Since moving here I’ve had a change of heart about the way I consume my pizza. Prior to my Chicagoland relocation, I was eating plain cheese pizza. I wasn’t sad about it. I love cheese pizza. But since moving here I was shamed for my cheese only mentality. Initially I was frustrated and resisted, like I do with most change. It wasn’t like I didn’t like sausage pizza, I just liked cheese. I was happy with cheese. I didn’t need to make my pizza fancier. It’s like when you love vanilla ice cream and it’s so great. But then you realize that strawberry ice cream exists. And you switch. So. That’s my story.

However, ultimately I saw the light, or the sausage and here I am. I order sausage pizza now. I’m a convert.


Abe Froman


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