The Sweetest Day of All

Happy Sweetest Day! I hope that you did something sticky sweet to celebrate. I did several things that were sweet. Sweet tasting and sweet in the sense of how awesome they were.

There is a farmer’s market right outside my apartment on Saturdays. I usually try to go. Actually I am usually woken up by the farmers market. There is a man. He stands on the corner and plays the trumpet. I love hearing it on Saturday mornings. Anyway, today I walked down without really knowing what I wanted. I got really great stuff.

Homemade guacamole. It’s fantastic. It’s full of cilantro and homemade love. I bought two beautiful heirloom tomatoes. Tomatoes might be in my top 5 favorite fruits/vegetables. I got one red and one yellow one. I’m not quite sure what I am going to craft with those, maybe some interesting pasta of sorts. The flower vendors are always awesome. I usually buy a couple bunches of crested celosia. What’s crested celosia you ask? This is creste celosia.

The sweetest flower of all!

It comes in lots of colors. I bought dark red two weeks ago. But this week I bought a bunch of Eucalyptus and now my apartment smells amazing. It smells sort of minty and fresh and fantastic. What does Eucalyptus look like you ask?

They look so pretty sitting on my cabinet.

I could sustain a koala.

And then there was a man giving samples of apples and I had no intentions of purchasing apples today. But he sneakily had pears in his hand too. So I tried a sample of all of them. I ended up buying 4 bubble gum pears. They were very sweet. And now they are sitting on my counter. But the crowning jewel to my farmer’s market adventure was this….

They knew about Sweetest Day!!!!!!

This made my day. I love seeing other people that celebrate the same things as I do without even knowing! And this week my online coupon from Jewel, the grocery store not the singer, had a Sweetest Day reference as well! Flowers were on sale to buy for your sweetheart. Precious. I was really close to buying some of those sunflowers you see behind that sign.

I finished off the celebration of Sweetest Day making homemade chocolate chip cookies. Those were definitely sweet and delicious. I have a whole plateful if you want to come over. I’ll share with you for sure.


I’m hot sticky sweet. (That was in my head all day due to it being the Sweetest Day of all.)

PS: I didn’t buy my neighbor flowers. I think it would have really creeped Eric out.


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