Like a Boss

Well, it’s Bosses Day, on a Sunday. It seems strange I know. But fear not! I still celebrated, like a boss. I did two things, nay three things like a boss.

1. I lounged like a boss. I spent a large majority of today lounging on my couch. I looked a lot homeless. I had on my christmasy slipper boots, my way too large sweatpants, one of my favorite purple t-shirts and a blue hoodie. I looked like a rainbow of loungingness.

2. I grocery shopped, like a boss. I am practically a professional at guessing how much my grocery bill will be. I was only six dollars off. I also saved $9.72 with my preferred Jewel card. If that’s not shopping like a boss, I don’t know what is.

3. I cleaned like a boss. Sunday nights are usually cleaning/laundry/apartment improvement and today was no exception. It now smells like Swiffer and Clorox and niceness. It’s very nice. I cleaned all parts of the apartment, which should last till Wednesday.

Bosses Day was celebrated well. I do have a real life boss that I work for. His name is Tim. He’s great. The end.


Promote synergy, LIKE A BOSS!

PS: You should probably watch the Like a Boss video from SNL.


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  1. Rainbow of loungingness is the best line ever!

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