I love cakes. I love how pretty they are. I love how tasty they are. But if you have read this blog semi-religiously, you would know that I don’t always succeeds in my baking celebrations (see Chocolate Cake Day and Pancake Day).

In addition to my baking skills amounting to far below a bakers dozen, I live in a tiny apartment and cake decorating things just weren’t on the list of things to fill my tiny kitchen with.

So with that being said, I do what I do whenever I am in a celebration bind…I outsourced!! So on my way home, I stopped at More. It’s another cupcake place between my house and work.

I figured that I should get a cake of the cup variety that is decorated well. And I did. It wasn’t really the flavor I initially wanted, but it was the prettiest.


It’s lemon meringue!! And it’s so pretty. I really wanted to get the cookies and cream or the vanilla velvet. They were much less pretty. By the way, this is the same place Chelsie and I got cupcakes when she was in town. Anyway, I was so pleasantly surprised when I bit into this. I found this inside.


There was lemony goo inside, and I mean that in the best way possible. It was so good. I was thrilled. This cupcake experience reminded me why I want to be good at cake decorating. I want to be able to create this amazingness in the comfort of my own home and painfully small kitchen. Wait? What? More like I want to just know how to accomplish things like this in someone elses large pretty kitchen.


Outsourcing is delicious (and much less messy).


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