One single Beard.

It’s No Beard Day and I am reluctantly celebrating. I am only one single Beard here in Chicago. I wish there were four more Beards here. Good news! One more Beard is going to be here on Friday. My sweet sweet sister Abby is coming to visit for the weekend! I am thrilled. I miss her lots and lots and lots.

But for now there is a Beard and a half here. Sean has a beard on his face and I am a Beard. I’d say that’s one and a half. Oops.. I guess today should be One and Half Beards Day.

Today at work someone sent out an email about No Shave November. Which is fitting. I suppose post today can begin the quest for most exciting beards. If I could celebrate having a beard I would…. OH WAIT… I do that every day.

I know today is a super boring lackluster holiday, but you know I have a knack for beard related jokes/humor/culture. I enjoy the last name Beard far far more than I should.


Bearded Lady


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  1. Father Beard

    Fear the Beard…

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