I was nervous for this day. I wasn’t super thrilled about evaluating the status of my life. Until I was reminded why I started writing this blog. Today was the first day in Chicago that I was miserable in the weather. It was cold. It was rainy. It was insanely windy. So I conquered my bus fears and took the bus home.

I could not have made a more fantastic decision. The bus was crowded. About 12 of us, all girls were standing right at the front of the bus. And for the next 7 stops we did not stop laughing.

The bus driver of CTA 4006 was fantastic. He was making us laugh, he called of us baby in the least creepy way possible. He was giving us a play by play on his driving style. It was fantastic. Finding something to celebrate everyday. That’s why I started this. Driver of bus 4006 made me re-evaluate this blog.

I did also evaluate life. Job: great. Love: I’m a happy little clam. Friends: I miss them. Financially: can’t wait to get hired full time. Living situation: obsessed with my apartment. Location: dreading winter. Bus Rides: will be taking them more frequently.


Happy Bus Rider


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  1. My only bus ride ever in Chicago happened in 1989. It, too, was on an insanely cold and windy day. It, too, was on a very crowded bus. The big dif, though, is that I was not surrounded by fun girls and we did not laugh. In fact, I was surrounded by homeless people, and one of them, a man, well . . . he, um, he exposed himself. RIGHT NEXT TO ME. It would have been insanely nightmarish, but I was young and naive and all I could think was “That poor homeless man does not realize he’s out of his pants.” I know. He was “out of his pants” about three inches from my cheek (I was sitting, he was standing), but still, I was convinced he did not know. On an insanely cold day. Thank goodness you are a young girl from Oklahoma on the streets of Chicago with way more street smarts than me.

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