Lots of Buttons

It’s Count Your Buttons Day and you wear more buttons than you think in a day. I have on tights and a dress and I still wore lots of buttons.

I keep a sweater in my desk at work (I get cold very easily) and that had more buttons than my little blogging heart could imagine! 11 buttons!!! Three on each cuff and five down the front!

If you think that’s were my button counting ends you would be wrong. My coat had lots of buttons too! But only four. But my coat is warm and that’s all that matters. It’s cold here and coats with buttons are important.

After work, I came home and fell asleep. Me fall asleep?! I know. But when I woke up How I Met Your Mother was on. I know you are wondering why I’m telling you this story. THIS IS WHY.

What a great button celebration, right!!! I was thrilled. It’s always funny to me how my holidays are strangely celebrated by the universe as well as me. Thanks universe.

It’s also Lizard Awareness Day. Here is my celebration. I started watching District 9. The beginning was great. And then it got real gross. REAL GROSS. This man gets hybrid’ed with a lizardy alien. Right after that, I changed the channel. I’m not trying to watch hypothetical lizard alien human integration.


One day at Vacation Bible Study when I was little there was Button Day. My mom made me THE coolest t-shirt. Pink shirt. Buttons glued on in the shape of a giant heart. I. Looked. Awesome.


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  1. I watched the whole thing

    I watched District 9 last winter when we had all the snow. All of it. I saw that it was on yesterday and opted NOT to watch it again.

    Your t-shirt ruled!


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