There is only one gang that I want to join. Only one gang that promotes the things I believe in. It’s the Sour Patch Kids the best gang ever!! Why are we talking about running away and joining a candy gang? Because it’s Sour Day that’s why!!

Sour Patch Kids are the greatest sour candy ever invented, if you disagree, just leave. You try and find me a better sour candy. Sour worms? Yeah right. Warheads, while they score higher on the terror sheet, they are in no way tastier.

So today, while I’m blogging and watching Jimmy Fallon, I’m snacking on a bag of SPKs.

SPKs are supreme within the candy world; however, there is a hierarchy within the Sour Patch Kids bag. Red, green, orange, yellow. Do you think green knows he is the least like the others? Does he have an inferiority complex? Probably. Orange and yellow are tied for average. Red is the greatest.

And if red is the greatest Sour Patch Kid and Sour Patch Kids are the greatest candy every, can one say that the red Sour Patch Kid is the single greatest piece of candy on the market? I think that’s exactly what one can say.

And now I’m in a candy gang. SPK fo life.


Tied for average. My new favorite thing I’ve ever said.

PS: In the last couple of days my daily blog hits have gone way up. I cannot figure out where these are coming from. Maybe it’s because I’ve affiliated with a gang.


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