It’s Pasta Day!! I was brainstorming all day at work what kind of delicious pasta I would make. I knew that I had to make something out of the box. And boy did I! Also, I promise never to say ‘boy did I’ again. So out of the box was on the menu and I accomplished that.

So I looked high and low for out of the box pasta, which isn’t macaroni and cheese if you were wondering. I looked to The Pioneer Woman and I found was I was looking for. I made sauce from one recipe and meat balls from another.

Sauce first. I abandoned the tomato like Joe Dirt and went with the red pepper. I ROASTED RED PEPPERS ALL BY MYSELF. It’s isn’t hard. Please don’t be scared. I made really simple red pepper sauce and then Sean came and made it WAY more delicious because he believes in black pepper and I don’t. So the sauce was a really good alternative to regular tomato based sauce.

I made really delicious pork meatballs. I used all pork instead of half pork and half beef. It was a great decision. My meat balls were flawless. I browned them in a pan and then finished them off in the oven.

Bowtie pasta finished things off and I was a happy clam. Now, there is a debate going around my apartment. Whose presentation of tonights pasta dinner was prettier. So I will show you both and you can tell me which one is the best.

A side by side comparison.

Pretty pasta #1

Pretty Pasta #2

You decide. Comment your decision.


It’s a pasta off!



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8 responses to “Pasta!!

  1. Melissa

    that’s a tough one, but i’m going to go with number 1! :] more colorful

  2. Patty Pasta

    Two, definitely two.

  3. Charlene

    Gotta go with # 1, but they are both lovely:)

  4. Chelsie

    Two. Sauce is prettier than balls of pork.

  5. Sister Abby

    pasta two for sure.

  6. Pasta Two because who doesn’t love more sauce for Pete’s sake? #1 scrimped on the sauce, a definite no-no.

  7. Father

    I pick the one by the laundry pile…

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