Out of 365 days, there is bound to be a day that doesn’t have anything awesome to celebrate. Like today. It’s Hillary Clinton’s birthday and I’m not trying to celebrate that. It’s Mincemeat Day and that is just downright disgusting. It’s Mule Day and I don’t have any hilarious mule encounters.

So, I declared today Love the People You Work With and in celebration I went bowling with the cool people I work with. We went to this great bar with old fashioned bowling lanes. And by old fashioned I mean there was a guy at the back returning your balls and resetting your pins. We played ping pong and drank delicious beers.

I realize that I am so incredibly lucky to work for such a great company. I know that not everyone gets a job that they love right out of college, but that’s exactly what I got. I have so much fun with my team. I laugh everyday at work. I never dread going to work. So today was the best celebration ever. I got to hang out with people that I think are really fun.

I am a happy clam.


She’s a mule driver.


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One response to “Holidayless

  1. NateG

    Nice work Beard! Go Love the People You Work With day…can’t wait to celebrate again next Oct. 26th.

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