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Tree Decorating Part 2

Remember how a few days ago when I said I had already decorated my tree, but I would show you pictures today? Remember when I said my tree was leaning, but I had gotten over it? Well today I undecorated my tree, had every intention of returning it and getting another one and redecorating the new one. But instead I just fixed the manufacturers poor craftsmanship and now my tree is pretty again!! I took pictures just for you!!

I’ll start with the dismantling of the sad tree and end with my favorite ornaments.

So now my apartment is lean free. I am still searching for some nutcrackers or tiny trees for the mantle. Maybe a wreath or something. Pier 1 and World Market and Home Goods are in my future. Merry Christmas!!


A Christmas Elf


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I just need you now.

So things are dwindling. I only have one month left. To be completely honest I’m really sad. I have loved doing this. I will always be able to read back on this year and know what my 21/22 year old self was up to. With that being said. I don’t think I can just abandon this blog for all of eternity.

I know of one human in San Antonio that will be quite sad, so I’m told. She brought a puppy to Thanksgiving this year. I just don’t feel right about disappointing a new puppy owner.

So that’s where you all come in. I know that 96.7% of you are crazy terrified of the comment button, which has been fine for the last 11 months. But now I just need you now. I need your suggestions/ideas for what to blog about next year. So here’s the rundown…

–You don’t have to leave your name.
–Your idea can be obscure, hilarious, funny, scary.
–It doesn’t have to be a daily idea.
–You are the only people that I am getting ideas from, so if you don’t comment your suggestion I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO NEXT YEAR!!!!

So I have a few ideas.

Idea 1) What I look like in the morning. Every morning.This would be sort of fun and sort of challenging to do every morning. However, I tend to look sort of like this in the morning….

I even wake up with that jacket on.

Idea 2) Write a letter a day/week. I’m much less enthused about this, mainly because there is much less Bon Jovi involved.

So, this is a call to action to give me you next year ideas. Please. I want to know what you want to know about. So that’s that. We have a month to decide.


Just asking for a favor.


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Somebody is getting a note!!

It’s Letter Writing Day and someone is getting a note. I crafted a very very nice note to a person that I know.

I don’t think they will expect to be getting a note, which makes notes all the more fun.

On the back of the letters I write I like to put something fun. Usually Oklahoma with a heart in the middle. Oklahoma is one of the easiest and unique states to draw. Colorado seems easy, but then people think you just drew a square.

Anyway, tonight I went with the xoxo. Less crafty, but I don’t know how to draw Illinois. Most people don’t.

So to the human that receives a letter. I like you.


Silence Dogood

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