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Tree Decorating Part 2

Remember how a few days ago when I said I had already decorated my tree, but I would show you pictures today? Remember when I said my tree was leaning, but I had gotten over it? Well today I undecorated my tree, had every intention of returning it and getting another one and redecorating the new one. But instead I just fixed the manufacturers poor craftsmanship and now my tree is pretty again!! I took pictures just for you!!

I’ll start with the dismantling of the sad tree and end with my favorite ornaments.

So now my apartment is lean free. I am still searching for some nutcrackers or tiny trees for the mantle. Maybe a wreath or something. Pier 1 and World Market and Home Goods are in my future. Merry Christmas!!


A Christmas Elf

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I just need you now.

So things are dwindling. I only have one month left. To be completely honest I’m really sad. I have loved doing this. I will always be able to read back on this year and know what my 21/22 year old self was up to. With that being said. I don’t think I can just abandon this blog for all of eternity.

I know of one human in San Antonio that will be quite sad, so I’m told. She brought a puppy to Thanksgiving this year. I just don’t feel right about disappointing a new puppy owner.

So that’s where you all come in. I know that 96.7% of you are crazy terrified of the comment button, which has been fine for the last 11 months. But now I just need you now. I need your suggestions/ideas for what to blog about next year. So here’s the rundown…

–You don’t have to leave your name.
–Your idea can be obscure, hilarious, funny, scary.
–It doesn’t have to be a daily idea.
–You are the only people that I am getting ideas from, so if you don’t comment your suggestion I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO NEXT YEAR!!!!

So I have a few ideas.

Idea 1) What I look like in the morning. Every morning.This would be sort of fun and sort of challenging to do every morning. However, I tend to look sort of like this in the morning….

I even wake up with that jacket on.

Idea 2) Write a letter a day/week. I’m much less enthused about this, mainly because there is much less Bon Jovi involved.

So, this is a call to action to give me you next year ideas. Please. I want to know what you want to know about. So that’s that. We have a month to decide.


Just asking for a favor.


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Somebody is getting a note!!

It’s Letter Writing Day and someone is getting a note. I crafted a very very nice note to a person that I know.

I don’t think they will expect to be getting a note, which makes notes all the more fun.

On the back of the letters I write I like to put something fun. Usually Oklahoma with a heart in the middle. Oklahoma is one of the easiest and unique states to draw. Colorado seems easy, but then people think you just drew a square.

Anyway, tonight I went with the xoxo. Less crafty, but I don’t know how to draw Illinois. Most people don’t.

So to the human that receives a letter. I like you.


Silence Dogood

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Day of Listening

To Christmas music. It’s officially that time of year. And now that I’m back in Chicago I kicked things off right. I purchased my tree. Assembled it. Decorated it. Realized it’s leaning. Got over that it’s leaning. Attached garland to my very fake fireplace. And realized that only one wall of my apartment is decorate for Christmas.

Also, I know that the 30th is Decorate Your Christmas Tree Day, but I just couldn’t wait. Here’s the compromise, I won’t show you pictures till the 30th. Hopefully by then I will have decorated the rest of my apartment. I need some nutcrackers I think. My mantel is looking slightly bare.

I think I’m going to hang glittery snowflakes in my windows. I plan on purchasing a bundle of mistletoe for my entryway. I still need to order my stocking. But this is what they look like!

Two of those are coming my way!!

And I have herringbone couches so they will match!!!! I am so so thrilled for Christmas. Clearly. I watched You’ve Got Mail while I decorated. And if you have forgotten, there is a great scene where she is decorating the tree in her shop. And then I remembered that I wanted to be Kathleen Kelly/Meg Ryan when I grow up. It was such a great day. My apartment is covered in glitter and I love it!


Oh, good news – I saw a dog today. Have you seen a dog?

PS: But seriously, I have been listening to Justin Beiber’s new Christmas album. Drummer Boy with Busta Rhymes is so good. Please don’t judge me too terribly bad.

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A holiday list.

Ok so I know there isn’t a holiday today. But I’m not here to disappoint. So in honor of the kick off of the holiday season I will give you my list of must see holiday movies. This is in no way the best list. This is just my list. I’m warning you I won’t be including It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street, buy those aren’t my favorites. If you are looking for those, find another list.

1. Love Actually- I like this movie when it’s not even Christmas Time. Best line, “There was more than one lobster at the birth of Christ?”

2. Elf- Everyones favorite. Best line, “But the children love the books!”

3. Rudolph- I already blogged about the dentist elf, but he has more friends on the island of misfit toys n

4. The other puppet movies with Kris Kringle and he has red hair and they save his love interest from the dungeon- Clearly I don’t know the title, but they show it on ABCFamily all the time. Bergermeister Meisterberger makes an appearance.

5. The one with the winter warlock- This is the newer puppet one. They sing the song, he’s mister white christmas he’s mister fun. Ba dun ba dun. I mister something that rhymes. Again I don’t know all the logistics. This is the newest one.

6. A Christmas Story- You know it’s good when the play it for 24 hours. That leg lamp. The Red Ryder BB gun. Ralphie. The lamppost. Their neighbors
dog. The chinese restaurant. You don’t have a reason not to watch it.


Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?

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Happy Floss Day! I haven’t yet celebrated, because I clearly haven’t yet gone to bed. However, I need to go to bed. I think I’m getting sick. My brain has been hurting. I leave Oklahoma for 4 months, I come back and my sinuses aren’t pleased.

But I can assure you I will be flossing when I brush my teeth. Dental products tend to flow freely in this household.

I hope that you are getting thrilled for Christmas. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have no shame in talking about my love of the next month.

I even have something to bridge Flossing Day to Christmas.

Everyone's favorite Elf dentist!

Anyway, it’s officially Christmas and I purchased ornaments for my tree! I am prepared to return to Chicago and decorate my tiny apartment. I haven’t purchased my tree yet, but I will as soon as I get home. Walgreens is selling trees. I still have some other things to find.

I pinky promise to show you the finished product when it is eventually finished! Night night, my brain hurts.


Bergermeister Meisterberger

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Gobble Gobble


My favorite holiday is practically complete. It was such a happy little day. I got to see all my family and eat all my favorite things. And I got to see this little person!

My favorite little nugget!

The turkey was bigger than she was. And I was a huge baby hog today. It is so nice being back in Oklahoma especially when it’s in the 60s. Chicago, I like you, but you are getting chilly.

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving with all your people. Here are some things I am thankful for.

My sweet family, my friends here and far away, getting to hold babies, the bowl of sweet potatoes sitting next to me currently, the fact that you all have put up with me for 11 months, the fact that people are worried about what I’m going to write about next year, Skype, pretty glittery nail polish, the sushi happy hour next to my apartment, getting to walk to work when it’s nice outside, my big girl job that I love so dearly, my work people, large Diet Cokes with extra vanilla from Sonic, Thunder basketball, knowing that my TiVo box will be full of things to watch when I get home, being home for 10 days during Christmas and New Years, jokes about beards, wearing pink jeans, a boy that I like, Tom Beard jokes, getting to drive a car when I’m here, the cucumbers we eat at Thanksgiving, heavy whipping cream, Michigan Avenue, reading Governor Bradford’s Thanksgiving Proclamation every year, snuggling, flowers from the farmers market, knowing that I will come back to a clean apartment, still being friends with my people from the 9th grade, seeing movies in the theater, tasty food and being happy as a clam.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you for encouraging me on my year long adventure!


Food Coma

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