It’s already November!

Happy November! I can’t believe it’s already holiday season. I am literally counting down the days until Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite actually holiday, you know. It also marks the time of year when I can reasonably start listening to Christmas music. And this year I get to decorate my apartment for Christmas. My faux fireplace is going to have real stockings. I’m going to have a Christmas tree and it’s going to be so pretty.

But, that’s not the holiday today. Today is Men Make Dinner Day! Since I don’t have a live in chef (that would be weird, I have a small apartment) I went to sushi happy hour across the street. Oh it was so delicious. A nice sushi chef man made me dinner. I had edamame and the Viva Las Vegas roll. So incredibly tasty and very pretty to boot. I just looked on the website and they don’t have a picture. But I promise it’s pretty. And happy hour prices are so fantastic.

I highly suggest finding a place that has a delicious happy hour near you. I think that’s one of my favorite things about living here. There is always good food to be had.

In other news I got my hair colored today. Just blonder. Nothing out of the norm. But I think getting my hair colored is one of my favorite things. There’s just something about having someone else washing your hair. I’ve been looking for a new girl in the big city that can do my hair. I think I found her! My hair looks like a pretty pretty princess. I’m just thrilled.


Thank you sushi man.

PS: I’ll be posting the list for November soon. But in case you just can’t stand not knowing tomorrow is Look For Circles Day. And get ready for November 3rd!! I have a fun surprise!!!!


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