It’s Look for Circles Day! Kind of a curious day, but Thanksgiving is coming up so deal with it. Today, after returning home from work, I took a nap. Which is nothing new at all. I nap as much as a newborn child.

Anyway, when I was laying on my couch and all I could see when I opened my eyes was my Tivo box. Did you know that the Tivo box has circles? It does. Red ones for recording, green ones for watching. I always thought they were just dots, nope it’s a circle. I realize after typing this that dots are in fact circles, but these are fancy circles, OK! Ok.

Other circles in my day, the top of the soup can. I made tomato soup with grilled cheese. Which is quickly becoming my go to “I’m too tired to make real dinner” dinner.

My zombie thumb, which I’ve more accurately diagnosed, requires tape. The tape is in a circle!

There’s a song by Point of Grace called Circle of Friends. That’s in a circle and we sang it at Kappa during rush!

Currently on my keyboard there are……wait for it…… 9 circles!! Here they are O, 8 (that counted as two!), 0, Q, the caps lock key has a circle on it, the M key has a tiny zero and the F8 key (counts as two again!). As soon as I counted, I started finding more. Already found two more, F10 and the left arrow says ‘home’. And the O in lock on the caps lock key!!

Ok that’s enough, the keyboard is seriously getting the best of me.


Num lock, found another.

PS: the 8 has a tiny 8 on it too.


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