Have I got a blog for you!

Remember at the beginning of Veggie Tales when Bob the Tomato said, “Have we got a show for you!!”? That’s how I read the title of this blog. Sorry if you aren’t well versed in singing vegetable cartoons, your childhood was seriously lacking.

Anyway, I do have a really great blog for you. I started planning for this day back in March. Back in March! Yes, back in March. Not all of my blogs are seat of the pants! So today is Sandwich Day. I love sandwiches. I celebrate Sandwich Day almost everyday, not that there’s anything wrong with that. So when I saw that today was an ode to the Earl of Sandwich, I knew I had to deliver.

First of all, this is what I ate for lunch.

I am so good at celebrating food related things.

But seriously, how delicious does that sandwich look? Here’s the run down. Serrano ham, manchego cheese (a Spanish theme!), shaved fennel and fig chutney all on a pretzel bun! It was absolutely a sandwich celebration. It’s from a place called Hannah’s Bretzel. Oh, you wanted to see the website? I knew you would! They just opened one right by my office!

This was probably celebration enough, but wait there’s more!!

You see, I really enjoy reading other cool blogs. Especially when those other cool blogs are about sandwiches. Back in March I ran across Scanwiches. Scanwiches is a photo blog by a really cool guy named Jon. Here’s the premise: he takes his sandwiches and scans them. Right there on his fancy scanner. So every few days there is a scan of a cross section of some delicious sandwich he has consumed.

This is the kind of fantastic covering the pages of Jon's book!

And today, on Sandwich Day, Jon has a book that’s coming out!! It’s a collection of the best of his scanwiches! Good news, I interviewed him via the world wide internet and he answered some pressing questions about his book, blog and love of sandwiches. Here’s what I found out!

How did this start? Why did you decide to start scanning your sandwiches? 
I was working in Soho in New York at the time and my co-workers and I would get a lot of sandwiches. I think the word popped into conversation one day and I wanted to see what a “scanwich” would actually look like. I got and older scanner, put my sandwich on it and scanned it. The results were awesome. I wanted to keep going.

How do you feel about getting sandwich accoutrements on your scanner? Are there crumbs or a variety of sauces stuck in the crevices?
I long ago gave up worrying about the warranty on my scanner. The edges and surface are pretty grimy at this point but I make sure to keep the glass super clean. I want the sandwiches to look their best. I carefully clean it after each scan.

Do you go to Subway ever? Like as a break from all the fancy sandwiches? Like McDonalds for chefs or something like that?  On road trips for sure. Fast food sandwiches are perfect when you’re out on the highway. I don’t eat them regularly otherwise. New York has so many one-of-a-kind sandwich options that keep me busy enough.

Did you ever think your collection of images would be sitting on someone’s coffee table? 
I had secretly hoped it would when I started the blog. Seeing that become a reality has been awesome.

Aside from the launch of your fantastic book, do you have any special National Sandwich Day celebrations planned? 
I think I’ll eat a sandwich.
Jon was so nice to answer my not so exciting questions. But I think you all will really like his book. If you are interested in buying his cool book for your coffee table, here’s a link!
If anything, visit his blog and get ultra envious of all the sandwich places he gets to go to in NYC.


I think the Earl of Sandwich would be thrilled.


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  1. Kryn

    You need to get the list up!

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