I’m watching basketball…..NOT.

I am watching basketball….NOT.

I am NOT watching basketball.

I am watching basketball not.

I am watching basketball………………………………………NOT.

Well  that’s enough Borat references for a while…. NOT. But seriously, I am not watching basketball. And why is that? The !#@#!!?#ing lockout.

I was all excited to watch the Thunder play. They were going to play the Bulls this Thursday. I was going to be the lone supporter in the city of Chicago. It was going to be fantastic. And now I just miss my team.

I miss Serge. I really miss Serge. Serge was my most favorite of all the team. I miss James Harden and his beard (he could be the 5th member of the Black Eyed Peas). I miss Kevin Durant because he might be the nicest dude in all of the NBA. I miss Russell Westbrook, sort of. I miss Russell Westbrook when he is isn’t being an idiot. I miss Thabo Sefolosha because I love saying his name. I miss Nate Robinson because no one is more enthusiastic about being a part of an NBA team. I miss Kendrick Perkins because he is so scary. Like seriously, I don’t want to see him in an alley ever. I miss Eric Maynor because he is secretly my favorite point guard for the Thunder. I don’t really miss Byron Mullens because that dude is terrifying looking. I refuse to even post a picture of him for fear of scaring small children.

I do have to say, Derek Fisher deserves an award after dealing with this lockout. He doesn’t get to go play overseas. He doesn’t get to hang out and wait for the season. He has to sit in hours of deliberation and figure out this nonsense. When the season does start. That guy deserves a handshake from every player and the world.

Since moving here, I have sort of assumed that I’m going to have to learn to sort of like the Bulls. Which is fine, they aren’t in the same division. But come play off time, the Bulls are on their own.

But for now, I’ll remain a sad little thunder cloud until the season starts.

Serge Iblocka.

Oh I see that beard.

I need to see this. Please figure out this lockout.


Fear the Beard

PS: Happy Basketball Day!


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One response to “I’m watching basketball…..NOT.

  1. Marcia

    I am with you on this one sister!! I want to see the Thunder play and very soon.

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