Happy Area Code Day!! I live in the 312 these days, that is Chicago in case you were wondering. I relocated from the 918 and the 405. I love all three of those areas. All for different reasons.

I love the 918 because it’s my home. I know all the streets. I know what buildings were three stores before. I know what houses give out the good halloween candy. I know where I had first kisses. I know where the cops hide.

I love the 405 because it’s where my people are. It’s where I ordered my first beer. It’s where I watched my team play. It’s where I stayed up all night studying. It’s where I met my people.

And I love the 312 because it’s where I’m supposed to be. It has one million restaurants for me try. It has my cute apartment. It has all sorts of adventures to be had. It has public transportation for me to love. It has my person.

I love all three. I miss the 918 and 405. Not one single day goes by that I don’t think about both places. I miss the people and the places each one has, but I’m learning to find those things here.


Triple area code citizenship.


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