Best Day Ever

Since there wasn’t a holiday that I fancied today, I decided it was going to be the best day ever. And it was.

Let me walk you through my November 12th. I slept in. Way in. I had no where to be and except my pillow. When I did finally get up, I made the best sandwich ever. Ham, muenster, pear, a little mayo and a little spicy mustard. Cooked in the sandwich press and I was a happy happy camper.

I took a shower. I got ready. And I headed out for a day of shopping in Chicago.

It was THE best day. I got jeans for $10.50. I got pink jeans. I bought lots of cute shirts for work. It was so so great. I wandered through Nordstrom. I perused Forever 21. I got a pretty necklace. And I made a purchase that I am so incredibly thrilled about. I have been searching for one for ages and ages, eons if you will. I finally purchased a leather jacket.

It’s a black one. I got it at Nordstrom Rack. And it is lovely. I am on the hunt no more. And since I got it at the Rack, it wasn’t one million dollars like it was originally.

So that was my celebration. Having a fantastic by myself day wandering down Michigan Ave.


City Girl


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  1. Mary

    To me, any day in Chicago is “the best day ever.” I enjoyed the post. Hope your semester is going well.

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