So I have issues with rinsing out tupperware that has stuff in it. And by stuff I mean things that I so clearly should have rinsed out last week. It just get nervous that they will be spookiness lurking as soon as I peal back the lid. I get nervous  that the smell will be horrid (I’m not a good person with smells. Smells make me gag.) What if a monster has started growing on the underside of that tomato? Or what if creatures built a tree house in the broccoli? I saw this holiday on my calendar last week and I was already getting nervous. But fear not, I braved the depths of my tupperware and celebrated Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.

Here’s the problem, you are with my on all of my days. That’s not really a problem I like all of you quite a lot, but today it is an issue. That means that you have seen or heard about the things that I have cooked dinner in the previous weeks of my life. Remember Pasta Day? When I made that fantastic red pepper sauce with meatballs and there were two equally beautiful plates of pasta (Sean’s ended up winning. He had sauce on top, I had meatballs on top.) Anyway, I had leftovers. And those have been living inside tupperware that was inside my fridge that was inside my apartment since Pasta Day.

They are in the garbage in the trash chute as of about 10 minutes ago. So I successfully cleaned out a portion of my fridge, although I’m sure there are more things for me to clean out. But for now, it was a baby step. A baby tupperware step. A step in the direction of a spotless fridge. An entity that I am quite certain no one actually attains. I think green onions that have gone bad are perhaps the most yuck of refrigerator cleaning out. Green onions get real real slimy and I don’t like slim.

Maybe Martha Stewart has a spotless fridge. Maybe. But there’s still probably glitter in there because she uses glitter on everything.


Glitter is the infectious disease of the craft world.


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