Well, it’s been almost an entire year of me writing this blog. I’ve written a post on here for everyday of the year this is my 323 post. It’s been an amazing ride. I can’t believe that I’ve actually accomplished this. This has made me be conscious about writing every day.

I realize that as the blog has progressed through the months I have been less and less hilarious. I think that’s a reflection of my current activities. Moving and starting a job have hindered my ability to ponder writing this blog all day long. I have less time than I did when I was in school.

But I think this blog has been such a good bridge between school and real life. I am so happy that I have this year to read day by day. So on I Love Writing Day, I do love writing. I love writing this blog. I love giving you peeks into my day. Whether those are short or long peeks, you see what I’m up to.

So that’s that.


I like you.


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  1. The real world really sucks the life out of all of us. I still think you’re funny though. 🙂

    Love, your no longer comical friend

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