I know I celebrated Count your Buttons Day last month, but this is a different kind of button. Button Day today is the button you push that results in something awesome that happens.

Nothing is more tempting and exciting than the promise of pushing a button. Why do you think 10 years olds demand that they be the one to push the elevator number? Because they see the direct result of the elevator arriving to whisk them away

I love button pushing. Today I pushed the buttons on my iPhone, the keys on my computer and the elevator at work and my apartment. I didn’t have a red button under a glass case like one on a submarine. Like this!

I want to push that button!

Buttons with glass cases are the most exciting.

Other buttons that I like. Do you know about StumbleUpon? You should. You fill out a profile and then just hit the magic Stumble button and fun things from the interweb are fed right to you! It’s magic! So that’s my take on Button Day.


Stumbling is commencing now!


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