It’s Beautiful Day! And the weather here wasn’t beautiful, but I had a beautiful day nonetheless. Let me walk you through the reasons. It’s list time!

1. I had a really good hair day. In fact, I’m still having a good hair day. It was bouncy and pretty and nice. A very good way to kick off Beautiful Day.

2. I went to see Breaking Dawn….by myself. Which is sort of lame, but I really wanted to see it. Anyway, the opening scene is the wedding and that was amazingly beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful thing ever. Bella’s wedding dress was better than Kate Middleton’s. I was super envious.

3. I took a cab home from the movie theater and I got to drive down Michigan Avenue with all the Christmas lights on. All the trees were wrapped to perfection. It was so pretty and made me so excited to decorate for Christmas.

4. Sean made me a beautiful sandwich for dinner. We ate at an Irish bar a few nights ago and had left over corned beef and cabbage. I went to the store today and bought thousand island dressing and sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Sean made amazing ruebens! It was the prettiest sandwich I’ve ever seen.

5. I stopped by H&M before the movie and got the prettiest sequined shirt and black skirt to go with it! It is going to be the prettiest outfit for Christmas or maybe New Years!

Those are the beautiful things about my day. It was a very good day.


Zombies were the least beautiful thing about my day. Walking Dead isn’t such a pretty show.


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